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Essential Oil Safety / Contraindications

Essential Oils are highly concentrated substances and should be handled with care at all times.

- Always dilute in a carrier oil before applying to the skin.
- Keep to the suppliers recommended quantities.
- Do not use on children under three, without consulting a qualified aromatherapist.
- Dilutions for children and the elderly should be at least half the recommended dose and professional advice should always be obtained first.
- Certain citrus oils are phototoxic and you should avoid going in the sun for at least 12 hours after use.
- Always keep out of reach of children and away from the eyes.
- Always store in a dark place away from direct sunlight or heat.
- Never take essential oils internally.
- If you suffer from any medical conditions, please seek the advice of a professional aromatherapist or medical practitioner before using the essential oil.

If you are pregnant, some organisations advise that essential oils should be avoided altogether.

Other authoritative bodies, advise that certain essential oils can be used during pregnancy, however, we would always recommend consulting a qualified aromatherapist if you are pregnant and considering using essential oils.

Some essential oils should be avoided throughout pregnancy including:-

- Basil, sweet Essential Oil
- Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil
- Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
- Citronella Essential Oil
- Clary Sage Essential Oil
- Hyssop Essential Oil
- Juniper Berry Essential Oil
- Marjoram, sweet Essential Oil
- Myrrh Essential Oil
- Nutmeg Essential Oil
- Rosemary Essential Oil
- Thyme Essential Oil

and some sources say these essential oils are best avoided during the first four months of pregnancy:-

Lavender Essential Oil
Spike Lavender Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Rose Otto/Oil (altogether if there's a history of miscarriage)

Other essential oils should be used in half the quantity or less during pregnancy or as guided by the qualified aromatherapist.

The following essential oils are phototoxic and you should avoid going into the sun, or on a sunbed, for at least 12 hours after using them:-

- Lemon Essential Oil
- Orange Essential Oil
- Grapefruit Essential Oil
- Mandarin Essential Oil

Pure Azure Aromatherapy are providing general details on this website and the information is by no means conclusive as the effects can vary from person to person.

We are not qualified to advise on an individual's case and would therefore recommend you seek the advice from a qualified aromatherapist or practitioner before treating any medical condition. We can not be held responsible for any adverse effects which may occur from the use of any oil which the customer has not familiarised themselves with.

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